• Our city. Our legacy. Our forest park.
    Te takiwā, kā hua a Tāne, he taoka tuku iho.
  • Our city. Our legacy. Our forest park.
    Te takiwā, kā hua a Tāne, he taoka tuku iho.
  • Our city. Our legacy. Our forest park.
    Te takiwā, kā hua a Tāne, he taoka tuku iho.
  • Our city. Our legacy. Our forest park.
    Te takiwā, kā hua a Tāne, he taoka tuku iho.

Make a submission to Christchurch City Council

The Christchurch City Council wants your feedback on its Long Term Plan 2018.

Our Greening The Red Zone committee have gone through the proposed plan and identified areas for consideration. No specific funding put aside for the red zone land regeneration is a major concern. Below is an abbreviated version of our full submission, which you can read here.

  • How to submit

  1. In the first field below, write your own thoughts. 
  2. Copy and paste our suggested text, or the sections you support, into the second field. We encourage you to edit and personalise it if you want to. 
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  4. Click the button that says "Send to CCC". Do this before 5pm, Friday 13 April.

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Suggested text (copy and paste into the second field):

Community facilities – We support spending $27m less on community facilities. This money could then be reallocated to support the Ōtākaro-Avon River red zone which, as a forest park, will be a facility and an asset for the whole community in the form of a forest park.  Currently no money is allocated to this key area.

Drinking water – We support the current proposed spend, as good-quality drinking water is a priority for Christchurch and Banks Peninsula. Preservation of our aquifers is a linked objective of Greening the Red Zone.

Parks and heritage – We propose the Council spend more on parks and heritage to include development funds for the Ōtākaro-Avon river red zone. More forest also supports the Government's proposed zero carbon act and 2030 climate change targets.  Auckland Council has pledged to plant 1 million trees over the next 3 years.

Canterbury is the only region without a dedicated ecosanctuary. Greening the Red Zone supports  Waitākiri Ecosanctuary, incorporating Travis Wetland and part of the Ōtākaro-Avon River red zone, to form the heart of a halo effect that would help repopulate east Canterbury with native plant and bird species. Along with Mahinga Kai values, this project supports the council's Biodiversity Strategy 2008 – to protect and restore ecosystems, species and habitats unique to our whenua.

Stormwater and flood protection – We are disappointed that Christchurch will experience a deterioration in our stormwater infrastructure over the next 10 years. Christchurch City Council’s climate change policy pledges to “support activities that counter the causes and effects of those changes”. We submit that  nurturing estuarine wetlands, planting out the red zone in natives, and using it as Chirstchurch's climate change buffer, is a great way to do just that.

Transport – We propose spending up to $50 million less on road improvements, which could then be put into parks and heritage, flood protection and/or wastewater management. We support improvements to public transport and cycle infrastructure. 

We do not support the white LED lighting refit proposed for the city, as international evidence shows exposure to blue/white light at night is detrimental to plant, animal and human health and behaviour.  We urge council to do an environmental impact study before fast-tracking these lights as environmentally friendly LEDs (in lower colour temperatures) are now available, and could be showcased in a red zone dark sky park.

Wastewater – We support cleaning up our waterways, so news that our wastewater infrastructure is going to deteriorate and increase the amount of pollution leaching out over the next 10 years is not encouraging. Restoring and protecting our waterways has to be a huge priority.